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Mobile Operators


We can offer a variety of services with the aim to boost revenues through personal interaction with the customer base. More specifically we are focused on helping mobile operators increase their ARPU by building strong customer relationship while enriching their experience. The end-results we are targeting impacts brand awareness as well as subscriber’s satisfaction.

All our services are designed in such a way as to empower our clients to sell any of their products and services to existing subscribers far more effectively. Current services offered are shown below:

Variable scale Promotions

These promotions are designed to incentivize a large portion of subscribers in taking part on knowledge, quizzes, games and other entertainment activities. Depending on the publicity channels used they can vary in scale.

Mega Promo is a large-scale promotion with nationwide media advertising, offering life changing prizes on a daily basis. Mega Promo is entirely self-financed, requiring no investment from the operator. We assume all the promotion costs including advertising and prizes, while sharing the profits with the mobile operator.

Mini Promo is communicated solely through the mobile channel, dispensing the longer approval processes typically associated with mass media advertising. Offering exciting prizes, Mini Promo guarantees high levels of engagement and interactivity.