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Brand and Media services


Successful advertisers have long extolled the virtues and benefits of mobile marketing in raising brand awareness and, subsequently, driving brand loyalty. We work closely with brands and advertisers to conceive, develop, and deploy a comprehensive suite of revenue-generating solutions. Brand awareness is a vital instrument to boost sales and sustain growth.

The potent viability of mobile marketing campaigns as a tool for cultivating brand awareness has been proved to up to five times more effective than online advertising channels and mechanisms in fostering and building up consumer recognition of brands. The high levels of engagement we employ, our technical capabilities as well as the novelty of mobile advertising we offer, all likely to contribute towards increased brand impact.

Each branded message we create is seen to be addressed individually, thus the consumer perceives these massages as being addressed on a personal level. This technique maximizes the impact of each campaign. In this way higher response and repeat use rates are achieved.